We work with businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to retail chains with multiple stores across Australia. While we have many clients in clothing and consumer goods, we have a number of clients now that own in medium size enterprises that rely on us to develop new product lines for them. The process for us is the same. Develop your idea into an innovative product, test it, launch it then scale up.

That is what we can help you to do, with industry driven solutions for market leading products.


Client Case – Sportswear

Matt was working as a stock broker, loved going to the gym and was realistic about his expectations.

Matt started with My Import Label in 2015, we first talked about clothing. It’s a challenging area right now, and we discussed function over fashion, local design and minimum viable product and testing process.

Here is what Matt first did:

  • developed his own brand
  • positioned it as premium but affordable
  • developed his minimum viable product – and started testing his product, customers and suppliers
  • developed three product lines

But though the testing phases he realised things were challenging:

  • gyms told him they wanted their own brand
  • the high MOQ’s for each product line drained cash flow
  • B2C customer retail is slow, selling one unit at a time; plus
  • the market is competitive, with cashed up competitors

So he pivoted, this is what Matt did:

  • chose a single product – the higher margin product he’s tested that was in demand
  • he focused on B2B – a wholesale model
  • he offered gyms and trainers their own brand

Now, just 18 months after launch, Hyperbeat is turning over $500,000, employing four staff and growing quickly. With some clever social media marketing, Matt is now weighing up the next phase of growth – new product lines and new markets.

“I chose My Import Label because the offering was clear, up front and they worked with me to grow my business. We learned tonnes of things, but the really critical things was around the pricing – cost options to import and cost to customer, tips to develop my prototype locally, and the supply negotiation and agreement – knowing what to negotiate and improve terms”.

Program specific support leveraged by Hyperbeat:

1. Costs and margins – including wholesale margins and cost to customer
2. Suppliers – from Pakistan to Bangladesh to China
3. Sourcing – local market support, overseas production
4. Prototype – sampling to trial orders
5. Testing market – test orders and building a digital audience
6. Launch to trade show – securing B2B customers

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Client Case – Technology Product

A Great Idea

Monique is a typical small business owner. She has a pet’s products business and faces challenges – a new competitor has launched – with a mega budget, tonnes of product.

So instead of taking on the mega competitor, she decided to do something different. Monique had a great idea for a tracking collar for a pet, something that sends the pet’s whereabouts to the pet owner, which shows real time location on a smartphone map. To provide complete peace of mind for the pet owner, and bring her new customers.

However she had a roadblock –  a modest budget, didn’t know a great deal about the technology, how to find and negotiate with suppliers or how to import and launch a complex product to market.

Even worse, there are a whole range of regulations and standards for this product, that are not guaranteed to pass, even after paying very hefty fees.

She needed lots of new skills, quickly. So we worked with her from Product Idea to Launch

  1. Evaluate her Idea and validated the market need
  2. Shortlisted Suppliers and markets
  3. Developed a Prototype and improved it for the market
  4. Protected her idea and major risk areas
  5. Imported and shipped to her doorstep
  6. Launched online and wholesale


With My Import Label’s support, Monique imported and launched the new product to market successfully.

“I realised if I was to take this seriously I would need some serious help otherwise my idea would just stay as an idea. I signed up with My Import Label and never looked back. Without a doubt I recommend My Import Label to anyone in business needing help or wanting to start a business importing products”

Monique – Pet Tracking Technology (from idea to import and launch)


More Client Feedback

“I was concerned as I had already started importing. At the time of writing, I’m just over half way through the content and the investment has been worth every cent! There is so much valuable content in the program and it doesn’t stop at that. One key feature with this program is its straight to the point. Great content delivered by qualified professionals. I feel so very fortunate to have found MIL before spending 10 times as much on other programs”.

Tim – Own Label Technology Products


“With the help of My Import Label I have been able turn my dream beachwear line into a reality. If you are looking at starting your own import business, then I would start with My Import Label today”.

Morgan – Surf Wear Label (from idea to own label and custom manufacture)


“You have done an excellent job in helping me source/prepare & start up my small business. I would not have been able to do any of this if I had not had your services”

Mel – Baby Blankets (from idea to own label and custom manufacture)


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