is one of the biggest and most widely accessed B2B marketplaces for global trade, used throughout the world by businesses who frequently import from China. If you’ve set up an importing business and need a quality import from a China website to establish connections and contacts, Alibaba will significantly open up your business network to 79.7 million registered users, across 40 industries in over 240 countries throughout the world.

As with any e-Commerce site though, it’s important to be aware of its pros and cons, and this is especially true when you’re dealing direct with suppliers and manufacturers. My Import Label provides this Alibaba review so you can import from China safely, securely and knowing exactly what you need to do.

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Benefits of Alibaba

As explained, the Alibaba website has nearly 80 million registered users across the globe, with manufacturers and suppliers in China selling products that span over 5900 product categories. It’s the biggest global B2B e-Commerce trade website in the world, offering secure payment options and a range of tips and resources for safe trading.


Things to watch out for

When importing from China there are several things to be mindful of.

  • Some Alibaba traders might claim to be manufacturers when in fact they are merely suppliers or distributors of a product. This can potentially become problematic when you’re trying to resolve issues of production or quality.
  • You may be offered the option of unsecured payment for your purchase. While unsecured payment typically offers better exchange rates and lower fees, the purchaser typically has zero recourse if the supplier claims that they never received the payment.  Therefore it’s far better to choose a secure payment option like Paypal.
  • Importing global brands can be problematic, thus it’s best to avoid doing so on Alibaba. Chinese traders need permission from the brand owner to resell global brands. If you were to buy from a trader or manufacturer who doesn’t have that permission, you can risk your goods being confiscated at customs, the possibility that the quality of your goods is not at the standard it should be, or even legal action by the brand owner.
  • Some traders and suppliers are leaving off crucial details from the invoice that often results in the purchaser being unexpectedly further out of pocket, usually with transport or shipping costs.
  • It’s possible you might receive goods made of lower quality materials. Asian manufacturers produce goods that are shipped and sold across the globe. As different markets have different manufacturing and quality standards, otherwise reputable and high quality manufacturers may use lower quality materials for certain markets in order to cut costs. Most reputable suppliers and traders will inform you though if there are changes to the quality or specifications of your product.

If you’re looking for a website to import from China, is sure to have everything you need. With the guidance of My Import Label, you’ll be able to navigate around and transact through this industry leading import from China website in a secure and safe manner.

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