Multi chain retail stores are great for stocking mainstream equipment and apparel, but if you are serious about your sport, you go to a specialist store.

A specialist store for your sport understands unique requirements. A niche import business in Australia focused on a specific sport is not restricted to the local area and has a ready market across Australia and New Zealand, and maybe even export markets.

Think of every club, school and competition across Australia/New Zealand playing your sport; now think about every independent sports retailer – that is your market. Create an account today and get your sports product idea into action.
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Whether it is kite surfing or croquet, every sport has specific set of requirements. If you are already playing that sport, you know the equipment and quality standards required.


How to Import Sporting Goods and Equipment

Learn to quickly assess products at a glance, checking restrictions, Import sporting equipment to Australiastandards and margins. Also learn to check suppliers quickly, and make sure the money you send for samples and products is going to a legitimate supplier.

For sports equipment you have two major considerations:

  1. Safety – is the product up to a sufficient quality standard? What is the likelihood of injury from the product
  2. Labelling and markings – leather, shoe sand certain types of goods must be correctly marked to clear customs.


Where to Import Sporting Goods and Equipment from?

Many Australian and New Zealand sports are not truly global. For instance netball, cricket, AFL, rugby union and league and hockey are restricted to countries with British influence Therefore you may find it difficult to find specialist suppliers of regional sports in China, where these sports are rarely played.

However India and Pakistan have thriving manufacturing sectors and make specific products with better insight to Australian sports. Pakistan is a huge exporter of leather and padding products, while India has a range of specialities for ‘stick’ sports – cricket and hockey in particular.

Think where your sports is mostly played, then think of low cost manufacturing sectors near those countries.
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How My Import Label can help you import Sporting Goods and Equipment

You learn how to import, and become an expert importer in just six weeks. Every detail and scrap of information you think you need, plus a lot more you probably didn’t realise you needed.

  1. Learn to assess sporting products and margins quickly
  2. Learn to evaluate suppliers and focus only on manufacturers
  3. Learn to brand sporting goods with your label and launch to market


What type of Sporting Goods and Equipment can you Import?

Learn to quickly determine what you can and cannot easily import. Import sporting goods and equipment from ChinaObviously products that can harm and seriously injure need thorough checking.

You will also learn to define costs and forecast profit margins quickly, products that bulk up – like padding can drastically increase your shipping and storage costs and be very unprofitable.

Create an account today. Learn to evaluate thousands of products, select the best suited overseas suppliers and negotiate effectively.

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