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The My Import Label team has extensive experience sourcing low to medium complex industrial components and supplies from developing markets. We work with our clients to find suitable suppliers that manufacture to high quality standards and match the scope of our customers requirements.


Why Import Industrial Components and Supplies

Staying competitive when the AUD$ is on parity with the USD$ is tough. It forces manufacturers to reconsider their cost base base, including their component supplies. When major components are being purchased from another developed market, or middlemen, many small to medium size businesses consider importing direct from the manufacturer in China.

Some of the industrial products sourced for clients include:

  • Bathroom hardware – taps, sinks, sanitary, locks, hinges
  • Shopfitting parts and supplies
  • Wood furniture – custom crafted for high end interior design
  • Stainless steel parts and components – steel blocks, tubes,
  • High cost specialist equipment and machinery in low quantity or single product orders

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