Import gifts and home wares to Australia, and turn your eye for design and unique products into a sustainable import export business.

Pay yourself to travel, work anywhere from your laptop and develop a product brand created from your own ideas.

Discover how to import textiles, gifts, home wares products from any market – boost profitability and cut your risks.

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How to Import Gifts and Consumer Goods

An online gift store must be unique, and must drill down to a specific product sector niche. We can show you how to identify a product niche which has good online traffic, and is not overcrowded with competitors. We have a range of learning modules for  ‘How to Assess your Product Idea’, which you can use to evaluate the feasibility and marketability of your imported products.

Unique gifts that have plenty of market interest include frames, candle holders, soft furnishings, custom canvas prints, cane ware, throws, rugs, tableware, wall decals and clocks.  Gift ware can also include key rings, glassware, bowls, nostalgia, statues, ceramics and jewellery.


How to Import Home Wares and FurnishingsImport gifts and home wares from China

You will learn how to navigate product imports, validate suppliers, sign import supplier agreements and ship to your doorstep. If you are deciding between suppliers we give you the know-how and checklists, contract templates and services to import and launch the home wares products, then sell online.

You don’t just learn how to do it, we also provide you with the tools – a cutting edge online store, industry standard coaching modules that are used and recommended by our clients with simple instructions, valuable tips and a range of tools to make the task of setting up an easier one.


How to Import Textiles and Crafts

Have you travelled off the beaten track and found uniquely designed textiles and crafts you think will sell well? Whether it is cushions, rugs, bedding, curtains or hangings, there is a market online, not just in Australia but export markets, and we can show you how to import and launchImport gifts and home wares (2) your products from anywhere.

Of course we help you source from China, which produces its own diverse textile styles, and reproduces styles from all over the world. However we have traveled to countries all over the world and have imported different styles and designed textiles that are truly unique and appeal to the different tastes of customers:

  • North African designs – Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco produce Moorish inspired designs on great products for textiles, rugs and ceramics
  • Central African designs – textiles from Kenya and Tanzania have distinct colours and patterns of the Maasai
  • India and the subcontinent – even different states within India have such diverse cultural textiles and designs that would suit any imported textiles business. In the north, Kashmir is a unique producer of rugs and jewellery with a hint of Middle Eastern style, while different states in India have their own styles and material blends
  • Turkey and Central Asia – the lesser traveled former Soviet countries of Tajikistan, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan are really far off locations and also great producers of their own unique textiles which have barely penetrated the mainstream Western textile markets
  • Peru and Bolivia – textiles from these countries are heavily influenced by indigenous populations and products produced include textiles bags, blankets and caps


How to Start Importing – Cost to Test Your Product Idea

If you love to travel back and forth and want to test your product idea, you can do so for less than $1000. Complete our program in just six weeks for less than $500, and with the remainder you can order samples and start testing the market. If your goal is to pay yourself to travel, you can learn to start importing and launching unique product to market.


Why Import Gifts and Home Products?

Research agency Morgan and Stanley identifies that one of the retail categories most in danger of online retailing in Australia is department stores. High margins and high rental costs cannot be sustained so shoppers are moving online to buy a wider variety of gifts and home wares products, and much cheaper.

There are plenty of niche gifts and home wares products to import that are not widely available in Australia, so import something unique.

Half your Budget, Double your Profit

We help you to:

  • Import any product, from any market
  • Innovate your products
  • Scale up and import in volume

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