• Want to import electronics and establish your own import business, or just a new product line?
  • Need help understanding the technology, validating suppliers and launching to market?
  • Do you want a partner to help share the ensure the success of the project?
We work with businesses to import new technology products to the Australian market, and beyond. With significant software and hardware expertise, and success importing and exporting lots of different technologies we have all the skills and tools you need.
To make your technology product a success, partner with us to launch to market. Create an account today.

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Why Import and Launch your Own Label Electronics?

  1. Research agencies Forrestor and Morgan & Stanley identify electronics as a retail category in danger of online retailing in Australia
  2. Major retailers have enjoyed healthy margins fror quite a while and have used high cost advertising combined with high cost retail exposure to secure walk in customers. Their slowness in catching onto the online marketplace opens up opportunities to import and sell niche consumer electronics.

The global electronics manufacturing sector is slowly moving away from the US andMade in China electronics EU. China now accounts for the majority of world PCB (printed circuit board) manufacturers and the cost of production has decreased in turn. Importing electronics products has become more economical for small to medium sized businesses and with the support of a professional import network, you too can build an electronics import business importing direct from the manufacturer and selling direct to the end customer in Australia.


My Import Label Expertise in Hardware and Software

Our specific expertise is in:
  • GPS and mobile technologies
  • Online web platforms – automated and highly scalable
  • Technologies for the mining sector – communications and productivity


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