Securing an import distributorship for the Australian market is a great opportunity to tap into a successful market ready products, and focus your efforts into market development.

As opposed to a sales agent agreement, distributorships take ownership of product then resell it. We have advised clients to successfully set up wholesale and reseller agreements, and you will learn how to best negotiate a distributor or sales agent agreement to provide you the the most profitable business model.

Create an account and work out if your distributorship idea or opportunity is profitable and worthwhile, then learn to import and launch profitably.

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How to Set-Up an Import Distributor Arrangement

Overseas brands are very interested in the Australian market right now – our economy is strong and so is our dollar. This is a great opportunity to start an import business or new product line in your industry, selling online and developing wholesale channels with contacts you may already have.

If you have a product range, and are looking to expand it with unique products from different markets, learn to set-up an import distributorship and launch it to market.



Why Start an Import Distributorship?

On the world stage, Australia is a small market. Overseas manufacturers are keen to appoint distributors in the US and EU countries while Australia is a little further down the list. This means many products don’t make their way into our market straight away, and there are plenty of products that take a season or two to get to Australia. Early movers can beat retail stores by 6-18 months before the market catches on.

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