Want to manufacture overseas and import clothing or start your own fashion label?

Read on to discover the steps to:

  1. Set-up a clothing label
  2. Manufacture and import your clothing label from overseas; and
  3. Take your label to market

We have helped designers to export from Australia and start-ups to manufacture and import from China. Here are a few tips we have learned along the way.

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How to Start your Clothing Label

We run through the steps for how to start a clothing label here.

We have start-ups and existing labels begin our program, that need to learn everything, or just sharpen their skill set in sourcing, product strategy, importing and launching to market. You have an easy to understand learning program, with ongoing access – a complete guide while you set-up your new fashion line, and expert personal advice to make sure you are on the right track.

Work at your own pace, with up to 15 new learning modules in high definition video over six weeks, with software and templates to make your task easier.


What you Need to do to Start?

  1. Lets look at the product potential first. Lets see if your new clothing piece is feasible, profitable and marketable
  2. Then shortlist up to three preferred clothing styles, describe your ideal customer and starting quantities
  3. Complete the program, then set up your label so you make better decisions about suppliers, profitable products and customer markets

Sure you can start by yourself, however with the right tools and advice, you will be more profitable, and drastically cut your risks.


How to Import your Clothing Label?

Finding suppliers that understand your style requirements and can produce a premium quality product, and not burden you with excessive minimum quantities is tough, especially in China. We can help you navigate through this process so that you don’t waste time with unsuitable suppliers and eliminate the issues that lead to poor quality.

Many of our members start the program with an idea, or have already started sampling or liaising with overseas suppliers.

Our program will help you to:

  1. Cut the time and cost to bring new pieces to market
  2. Select the best suited suppliers that match your quality and quantity requirements
  3. Negotiate effectively with overseas suppliers, and import to your doorstep


How My Import Label can help you?

Our import export online program is an all in one resource, you save time and money by accessing all of the knowledge and tools in the one place. You will follow a logical, step by step process from Idea to Launch:

Step 1.    How to Develop your Clothing Label Idea
Learn how to evaluate your clothing idea, measure profitability and evaluate potential markets

Step 2.    Find Suppliers and Sales Markets
Learn how to find suitable suppliers, negotiate lower quantities, sample and test your pieces

Step 3.    Create a Clothing Prototype Piece
Work with a pattern maker to digitise your creation, decide on materials and create a sample clothing piece

Step 4.    Protect your Label and Designs
Learn how to inhibit the theft of your designs, protect your label from illegal import and reduce your risk when using overseas suppliers

Step 5.    Import your Clothing Label
Learn how to negotiate your commercial clothing order, continually improve clothing quality and only pay for quality clothing pieces

Step 6.    Launch your Label to Market
Learn how to launch your label with a bang
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About My Import Label Services for Clothing

Manufacturing your Label in China

We can connect your directly with export quality manufacturers in China that already produce for major clothing labels and department stores.

Our preferred manufacturers are extensively experienced with the Australian market:

  1. Produce premium quality clothing pieces with high grade materials and expert craftsmanship
  2. Compliance with Australian clothing standards and quality requirements
  3. Produce a range of women’s, men’s and children’s styles from supplied pattern and prototype piece

 Once you begin the program we can refer you onto our preferred manufacturers.


Clothing Samples and Patterns

If you have a sample piece, patterns and even a sketch, we can refer you to expert pattern and sample makers in Australia who can transform your concept into a prototype clothing piece.

We have all patterns and prototype pieces made locally for improved quality, independent grading and production.


Selling your Clothing Label

With an online clothing store to use with our learning program, you will learn to:

  1. Create multiple product catalogues – based on collection, brand or styles
  2. A blog to engage your customer audience and bring traffic to your store
  3. Shopping cart to automatically take orders and process payments

With a design builder, you can also design your own store to suit the look and feel of your label.


My Import Label Expertise in Clothing and Fashion

Here is why we can offer these services, we have:

  1. Directly set-up clothing and fashion labels in Australia, doing the sourcing, importing and digital launch
  2. Supported many more clients to DIY set-up their own clothing and fashion labels
  3. Advised dozens of fashion labels in Australia how to successfully export overseas – to the US, UK and East Asia markets
  4. Degree qualified – so the learning and personal advice is credible and proven


Why Import Clothing

Forrestor and Frost and Sullivan research agencies both list clothing as one of three product sectors set to grow online in Australia. As retail sales of clothing slip, shoppers are changing habits and realising that shopping for clothes online is cheaper, and offers more variety than retail. Clothing continues to be a major mover to online retail market and new clothing labels can specialise in clothing niches with minimal styles.


Where to Import Clothing From?

The most popular markets to import clothing from are China, India, Thailand and Indonesia. However Vietnam and Bangladesh are the fastest growing import markets for clothing.

The cost to import clothing, textiles and footwear from some ASEAN countries* will soon drop as the Australian Government reduces import tariffs to 5%, in line with the Free Trade Agreement (AANZFTA). This means that some ASEAN countries may soon be cheaper than China, with that country’s rising labour and materials costs.

For importers it means there are new opportunities to source quality, low cost clothing and effectively compete in the local market. For instance, Vietnam is a major exporter of textiles to the US, but hardly exports to Australia. This will soon change as Australian buyers recognise the high quality and diversity of the Vietnamese textile industry.

*ASEAN countries include Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam


Half your Budget, Double your Profit

We help you to:

  • Import any product, from any market
  • Innovate your products
  • Scale up and import in volume

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