The growth in online retailing in Australia and New Zealand will only increase because:

  • Increase in mobile internet devices – people can buy from you from where and when they like. Not just from the home or office. My Import Label provides e-commerce websites that are compatible with smart phones, so you can have more consumers shopping in your online store, more often.
  • Online security is improving – as such more people are becoming comfortable enough to buy a wider range of products online. We also provide fully secure and encrypted website payment facilities, so you can accept payment directly via credit card or indirectly through payment intermediaries.
  • Improved shopping experience – faster internet speeds and interactive technologies make the online shopping experience more fun and interactive. We work to make your e-commerce website fast and user friendly for shoppers, and we design the website to appeal to your target market tastes
  • Lower cost products – online retailers are not burdened by high overhead costs that traditional retailers have. My Import Label works with you to develop a sustainable and low cost business importing products from China and other markets that avoids the high cost burdens associated with retail outlets at major shopping centres
  • More variety and flexibility – rather than comparing from the one or two products stocked by a retail store, shoppers can go online and compare from dozens of brands and product variations. At My Import Label, we have developed a range of website layouts for different industries, which are based on the most successful online stores in the world.

The Australian retail industry turned over $20.5 billion in 2010, with an estimated  3 – 4% of retail sales made online. Traditional 'bricks and mortar' retailers are worried because online retailing is dramatically increasing in popularity as people realise the cost benefits, product variety and shopper flexibility that online shopping offers. While traditional retailers have been charging a premium price to cover the fixed costs of running retail stores, major retailers have been enjoying healthy profit margins also, highlighting just how much Australian consumers have been paying.

For sellers, there is a real opportunity for start-ups and existing small businesses to create a retail niche by selling online, for new products and in areas where major retailers have traditionally dominated. Consumers are enjoying the variety of products online and now accept that we have more choice than the 3 or so brands offered at the local retail store, so  consumers are happy to try, then hop online and buy.

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