Qualified, expert advice guiding you along the path to bring your product to market.

Empowering you with the capability and confidence to import and launch almost any product, from any market.

Sure you can do it all yourself, or you can lean on our experience and do it much more profitably.


Ten Things You Will Discover:

  1. Validate your product – make sure it stacks up before importing
  2. Innovate the product – to be the best in the market
  3. Negotiate your preferred quantities and better terms
  4. Prevent suppliers from copying your product and ideas
  5. Implement our techniques to improve product quality
  6. Avoid the critical mistakes made on your supply order
  7. Save time and effort – with tools and templates ready to use
  8. Launch your product faster than your competitors
  9. Leverage your own brand products – more sales and profit
  10. Start importing on a micro budget and scale up quickly


1. Learn What to Do and How

A logical, step by step process. What to do and when, so you focus your efforts on the right task, at the right time.

Expert personal advice, backed up by a cutting edge online learning resource that you can access at any time of the day or night.

Cut the time and effort you spend trying to overcome every challenge yourself. Product selection, supplier negotiation, importing and product strategy – among other areas.


2. Learn to be the Best

What you learn is not DIY for one or two products, it’s based on the experiences of hundreds of successful companies we have worked with. Importing is a specialist business skill.

This is exactly what we have done to import products, and coached businesses to do for years. All combined into a streamlined learning program and backed up by expert personal advice. Get up to speed and implement, quickly


3. Help with the Big Decisions

You have the least experience at the very start, when you need to make big decisions that might impact you over the long term.

Those big decisions you make, like:

  • Is this product profitable, low risk, even worth importing?
  • Will this supplier give me consistent quality products and meet my needs?
  • Will this product sell, and how do I scale up in volume?

We give you context – the WHY. Based on what has and has not worked for us and our clients. We don’t push you into bigger orders and more spend. We focus on less risk, and greater returns.


4. Help while you Implement

As you are moving through the stages of importing your product you are referring back to the program and using the tools to select products, negotiate agreements and import more profitably.

Plus we offer a hands on support program while you are importing and launching.

Our Black Belt Emerging Importer program is offered to selected clients. We provide specific coaching, feedback and advice while you are implementing what you have learned.

  • From trading product to innovating market leading products
  • From supplier to integrated supply chain
  • From low volume online retail to high wholesale wholesale


5. Extra Help from Our Network

When you need even more hands on help, we provide that too. Whether it’s verifying a supplier, checking a factory, shipping your order or taking it to market, we provide our clients with access to our established relationships for specialist support across your import business.

The choice to DIY or get support is completely optional. Sometimes its best to stick with what you are really good at – and let the experts do it for you.

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