Before you buy online from China, think about the costs and risks – we can help you lower both of these. Browsing through products on a B2B supplier directory from your desktop is attractive, until you realise the challenges you face in bringing a commercial order to market and launched.

Very quickly, with My Import Label you will learn how to:

  1. Select the best suited suppliers
  2. Negotiate better terms and quantities; and
  3. Negotiate improved product quality

Sharpen your importing skills right now, create an account and get up to speed in just six weeks.

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Sites like Alibaba and Global Sources make it very easy to buy from China factory direct, connect with overseas suppliers, and avoid using a sourcing company. However it is important to get up to speed quickly to avoid costly mistakes when importing.


How to buy from China safely

Knowing who to trust when you buy from China in bulk is your biggest challenge. Facts presented online should be taken at face value until they can be verified. Although most B2B supplier directories provide test and inspection reports that help to evaluate the legitimacy of a supplier, what you really want to know is how well suited that supplier is to your requirements.

Get up to speed very quickly and learn to:

  1. Spot the manufacturer – strike off traders and agents, and buy from China direct from the manufacturer
  2. Evaluate facts and products displayed – when numerous suppliers display the same product, you need to learn how to dig deeper
  3. Secure payment – learn which payment methods are secure and traceable, to use before you have verified the supplier

Negotiation starts from the very first contact. The faster you are up to speed, the sooner you can develop a quality product and blitz launch it to market.


How to buy wholesale from China

Start-ups need a variety of products with low MOQ to bring to market and test, before ordering a commercial volume. Traders are often the ones offering great factory designs with low quantities; therefore they can be well suited suppliers. Traders, agents and wholesalers can have access to multiple factories and designs, so they can manufacture market-ready products.

You will know how to work with suppliers that do not own a factory:

  1. Ordering market ready products – consistency of quality
  2. Negotiating product improvements – how to get better materials and craftsmanship
  3. Using payment as leverage – to cover your risks  and get the product your specified

Buying wholesale from China can be an extremely cost effective way to bring new products and test prior to a commercial order. Learn how to test your product idea for less than $1k, and start-up lean before you buy from China and resell on a larger scale.


How you can buy from China online

It is quite easy to arrange samples, but quite a bit more skill and knowledge is required to bring a commercial order to market and launch it successfully:

  1. Hop onto alibaba or global sources and find product and suppliers
  2. Look for market-ready factory designs with low MOQ (minimum order quantity)
  3. Start negotiating terms – price, shipping, production time and payment method

Learn what to do and have the tools to buy from China online safely and effectively. Learn to test your product, suppliers and market before you commit to a commercial order.


How to Buy in China

Going to China? Learn how to buy off the street, at wholesale markets and trade shows when you visit. Every April/May and October/November we organise trips to the Canton Fair for Australian businesses, to help them make the most of the trip.

  1. Finalise products and suppliers in just five days
  2. Learn to negotiate better terms and prices
  3. How to ship and navigate import licences and clearances

The cost of inexperience is paying too much when you buy from China direct, what with unfavourable terms and paying too much in shipping and taxes. Get started now and know what to do when and have the tools to import properly.


Buy in Bulk from China

When samples stack up and you are ready to pay a deposit on a commercial order, you need help to make sure that when you buy from China in bulk, it doesn’t translate to a major cost headache. Learn how to get the most from your supplier agreements and buy in bulk effectively.

  1. Lowest price per product unit in production
  2. Cost effective shipping – cutting costs of freight and logistics
  3. Bulk discounts based on annual production orders

Kick off with steps 1 and 2 of the program included with your first $89 payment; over 26 learning modules and software to get your bulk order moving quickly.


Products Made in China

If you have an idea to run with, you can develop a prototype made in China for a low cost and take it to market to test. Products made in China vary greatly in quality, so learn to find suitable suppliers, negotiate a quality commercial order, then import and launch to market.


How My Import Label can help you buy from China

The tools and know how to evaluate your idea, test it, negotiate a commercial order, then import and ship it to market. With an online store platform you can quickly set-up and launch live, you can order samples and test your product idea for less than $1k. Avoid the lump sum costs that drain your start-up investment.

Create an account right now, and transform your idea into a viable commercial product. 


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