New Importer Tools – Import Duty Calculator – How Much to Import?

To kick off the new financial year with a bang, we have rolled out some very cool additions to our learning platform.

On top of 70 learning modules, financial tools and e-commerce software, we have rolled out new importer tools for our members:

  1. Import Duty Calculator – quickly get the tariff code and import duty rate for your products from major overseas suppliers to your market
  2. Currency Graph and Calculator
  3. Webinar Recording
  4. Choose a Wholesale/Retail Online Store


New Importer Tools – Import Duty Calculator

With our learning module, you know which mode of freight is best suited, and can quickly calculate a cost for your parcel or shipment.

Then you enter your product details, and shipping and insurance costs.

Finally you have a total landed cost, worked out in minutes, from any country, to any country for any product.

Create an account and access it now.

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