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This is how we import and launch profitably. An e-book and snapshot of our online learning program.

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Import Export Business Course


Instant access to the best import program in Australia, with expert advice, based on the hundreds of people and thousands of products we have helped import and export.

About the Import Export Course

"Our goal is to help you import and launch your own label products more quickly and profitably, with much less risk". My Import Label Team

  • 1.Product

    I have a product idea, so what do I do next?

    • Lets Check it Can be Imported
    • Work out Costs and Profit Margins
    • Now Create a Premium Product

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  • 2.Supply

    I want to evaluate suppliers, costs and challenges

    • Choose the Right Suppliers - Best Quality, Low MOQ
    • Starting the Negotiation
    • Budget your Shipping Costs

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  • 3.Prototype

    I want to develop a prototype and negotiate

    • Product, Market Testing and Quick Sales
    • Transform a Sample into Your Own Label Product
    • Learn to Negotiate the Best Deal with Suppliers

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  • 4.Protect

    I want to protect my ideas and brand

    • Manage Every Foreseeable Risk
    • Protect your Ideas and Products
    • How to Get the Most from Your Order

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  • 5.Import

    I want to import safely and ship to my door

    • Getting the Best Quality Product
    • Use Payment to Get Your Terms Met
    • Ship to your Doorstep

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  • 6.Launch

    I want to launch and open new sales channels

    • How to Blitz Launch Your Product Online
    • Volume Orders - Gear up for Wholesaling
    • Strategic Export - Take Your Product to Bigger Markets

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“If I was to take this seriously I would need some serious help otherwise my idea would just stay as an idea. I recommend My Import Label to anyone in business needing help or wanting to start a business importing products” - Monique, mypettracker.com.au (ODM) Technology
“You have done an excellent job in helping me source/prepare & start up my small (import) business. I would not have been able to do any of this if I had not had your services and help with all the things involved in this process.” - Mel, Baby Blankets (OEM)
“With the help of My Import Label I have been able turn my dream beachwear line into a reality.If you are looking at starting your own import business, then I would start with My Import Label today.” - Morgan, Surf Wear Label (OEM)
“I had already started importing. Now I am half way through and it has been worth every cent! There is so much valuable content and it’s straight to the point. I feel fortunate to have found MIL.” - Tim, Technology Products (ODM)


  • 50 Shades of Overseas Suppliers

    Overseas suppliers can be an enigma, hard to read, moody, demanding and tough to communicate with.  Importantly, they often hold a little more power in the business relationship than you might realise.   It is not a one sided “I am the buyer, do as Read More

Learn how to import products into Australia

Import and launch products from any market to Australia. Our expert advice, online learning program and tools will show you how, guiding you step by step.

Learn to select profitable products overseas, including China, import to Australia and launch the product to market. We provide you with the know-how and tools to start your own brand imported product range.

For new and existing importers, you'll sharpen your importing skills in all areas, very quickly. Forget costly seminar training, or sourcing fees. The tools and know how you'll need to learn to import into Australia are just a few clicks away.

In less than six weeks, you can become an expert importer:

  • Import and launch program for importers
  • Services customised to your needs - in China and Australia
  • Access personal coaching from a team of experts

Import to Australia

My Import Label is the most effective way to test your product idea. Now you can start sampling, shipping and selling your own branded products before you even commit to a commercial order.

Our members are businesses and start-ups that have a product idea, and understand they need expertise to make a good product, a great one. They come to us to develop their own branded products and launch to market.

We share with our members our unique insights and processes, based on the hands on work we have done to develop product brands and import businesses, importing to Australia and exporting overseas.

  1. Proven processes and tools refined from hundreds of businesses and thousands of products

  2. Suitable for different products and markets

  3. Benefit from our experience - setting up plenty of imported product brands

It doesn't matter what product or which market - our clients source from anywhere - the US, EU, China, India, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia. We have simple processes to develop your product idea, negotiate with suppliers, ship product and launch to market B2B and B2C. We specialise in working with our members to import to Australia

Importing into Australia

Finding products is the first step and challenge for any business starting to import into Australia. So when you need to find products and decide on suppliers overseas, we show you how to:

  1. Shortlist and evaluate products and suppliers, from the thousands online

  2. Develop a premium quality product under your own brand

  3. Import from overseas markets to Australia

  4. Set-up wholesale and export sales channels

We have imported plenty of products and helped hundreds of importers and exporters to succeed in Australia and the UK. We are the credible, industry standard partner, and clients come to us to work with qualified industry experts. No dream selling, or grand promises – just objective and honest advice.

Why Import to Australia with My Import Label?

  1. Expert one on one advices - relevant to you

    Your own brand products - better prices, more market share and control of your products

  2. Import product for yourself - forget paying a sourcing company, for what you can do yourself

  3. Better quality products - learn to continually improve product quality

  4. Better learning, lower cost - forget costly seminar training, instant access online right now

  5. Launch to market - unique insights to overcome a competitive market

Importing into Australia

You don’t need to pay sourcing companies any more to find suppliers and import product from overseas. You do, however, need import and launch training to implement a successful import project.

  1. Learn how to evaluate products - select profitable and feasible products

  2. Accessible 24/7 and updated weekly - importing trends change weekly. Forget static DVD’s and books

  3. Learn from our experiences, not your mistakes - we have faced and managed all the challenges you will encounter

Our goal is to help our members successfully import to Australia by arming them with the all the know-how and tools right from the start, without the high start-ups costs incurred with seminar training or sourcing fees.